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Newham WSD Trial - Improving quality of life in Newham

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Whole System Demonstrator

Headline Findings

The Department of Health's Whole System Demonstrator Programme headline findings are now available. They show that, if delivered properly, telehealth can substantially reduce mortality, reduce the need for hospital admissions, reduce the number of bed days spent in hospital and reduce time in A&E. The detailed findings of the programme will be published over a number of years in peer reviewed academic journals. Links to papers that have been published can be found here.

The WSD programme is the largest randomised control trial of telehealth and telecare in the world, involving 6,191 patients and 238 GP practices across three sites in the United Kingdom - Newham, Kent and Cornwall.
At least three million people with Long Term Conditions and/or social care needs could benefit from using telehealth and telecare. To achieve this level of change the Department of Health is planning on working with industry, the NHS, social services and professional partners in a collaboration with a difference - the "Three Million Lives" campaign.

Newham Quotes

Yvonne Fenn - Lead Telehealth Nurse, Newham

"There is no doubt in my mind that telehealth helps people learn how to take care of themselves and so helps them stay out of hospital. Telehealth helps our nurses be more effective and look after more people as it both cuts down on travelling time and helps us to see which of our patients most need our help."

Richard Stubbs - WSD Programme Manager, Newham

"I believe having evidence for what we do in the NHS is vitally important and, given that many patients have told us they like using telehealth, I am delighted that the research findings have turned out to be so positive. The trial was very limiting in that we had to keep our telehealth service the same throughout the period rather than adapt it on the basis of what we learned. Now that the trial is over and the initial results have been announced, I hope that we can both improve the service and make it a standard option of care for those who need it."

Paul Gocke - Director of Community Health, East London NHS Foundation Trust

"In our experience in Newham, telehealth has great potential to allow us to ensure well targeted care for people with long term conditions. Now that we have the initial outcome evidence from the trial, we are working hard with other agencies to build on our well established position as a telehealth leader, making sure that the technology is both available and well used by people who can benefit from it most."


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